Ethylenebistetrabromophthalimide (FR-93W)

Molecular Formula: C18H4O4N2Br8

Molecular Weight: 951.5 
CAS No.:32588-76-4


Item Specifications
Standard Specifications Actual Results
Appearance White Powder White Powder
Whiteness 85 Min 86
Bromine Content 65.50% Min 66.05%
Melting Point (TGA) 450℃ Min 473.20℃
Acid Degree (H+ Mg/g) 0.10 Max 0.02
Particle Size (D50) 5um Max On Average 3.05um


◆ Features & Applications:

  1. FR-93W has outstanding thermal and UV stability,allows use in engineering resins,such as ABS,ABS/PC,HIPS,PA,PBT,PC,PE,PET and Elastomers 
  2. FR-93W is also non-blooming,this feature allows use in such critical applications as Polyelefin films where good heat seaability is required 
  3. FR-93W has excellent wet electrical properties,this feature make it ideal for wire and cable applications