Hexabromocyclododecane (FR-HBCD)

Molecular Formula: C12H18BR6 

Molecular Weight: 641.7
CAS No.: 3194-55-6


  Item Specifications
Appearance White Powder or Granular
Bromine Content 74% Min
Melting Point 170 -185℃ Min
Volatility ( 105℃ 2hours) 0.30% Max
Particle Size 1)Granular of 0.4-0.6mm Max on average 


◆Features & Applications:

  FR-HBCD is a highly brominated cyclo-aliphatic flame retardant. provides excellent performance at low loading levels with a minimum effect on polymer properties. 
  FR-HBCD is recommended as an additive flame retardant for thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. It is the product of choice for XPS (extruded polystyrene foam) and EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) and other styrenic based resin systems. is also used in textile treatments, latex binders, adhesives, unsaturated polyesters and coatings.