Barium Stearate

Chemical Formula: C36H70O4Ba         
Molecular Weight: 704.28
CAS NO.: 6865-35-6
Item Specifications
Appearance White Powder 
Barium Content 20.0% Min
Free Acid (Based on Stearic Acid) 1.00% Max
Melting Point 200℃ Min
Moisture 1.00% Max
Features & Applications:
Used in PVC compounds, rigid PVC pipes and cables, PVC profiles and flooring, PVC footwear, masterbatches. it is a heat stabilizer and lubricant for transparent PVC compound. It is generally used in conjunction with other stabilizers cadmium stearate and lead stearate. A combination of barium, zinc and calcium stearate can be used as a stabilizer in food grade PVC processing. Due to high melting point barium stearate is used for high-speed calendaring. It is used as a flatting and sanding agents in lacquers, coatings and inks. It is also used as drying lubricants and dusting agents for rubbers.
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