Zinc Stearate

Chemical Formula: C36H70O4Zn        
Molecular Weight: 632.33
CAS NO.: 557-05-1
Item Specifications
Appearance White Powder 
Zinc Content 10.50% Min
Free Acid (Based on Stearic Acid) 0.50% Max
Melting Point 210-220℃ Min
Moisture 2.0% Max
Features & Applications:
PVC processing:the main application is in in the stabilization and lubrication of rigid PVC compounds,it is used in combination with calcium or other metal stearates to form primary stabilizers
Polyethylene manufacture and processing:employed mainly as an acid acceptor and lubricant
Polystyrene H.I.and expandable:internal and external lubricant
Polyurethane:used as lubricant with release agent effect
Polyester:used as lubricant
Latex and Rubber Processing:used as anti-blocking agent