Calcium Stearate

Chemical Formula: C36H70O4Ca         
Molecular Weight: 607.03
CAS NO.: 1592-23-0
Item Specifications
Appearance White Powder 
Calcium Content 6.50% Min
Free Acid (Based on Stearic Acid) 0.50% Max
Melting Point 125℃ Min
Loss on Drying 3.0% Max
Features & Applications:
PVC processing:the main application is in rigid PVC compounds,is used in combination with Zinc Stearate in non-toxic stabilizers
Polyethylene and Polypropylene:employed mainly as an acid acceptor and lubricant
Polyamides and Polycarbonates:used as lubricant to improve fluidity
Polyester:used as internal lubricant
Latex and Rubber Processing:used as anti-blocking agent